Saturday, September 30, 2006

Nick Cho is the 2006 Southeaster Regional Barista Champion, and he really is beloved by most folks in the industry. He is a tremendous representaive for specialty coffee, an advocate of Barista as a serious and respected career option, he is director of the Barista Guild of America, and has served as MC for regional barista competitions as well as this year's World Barista Championship. He is also a good sport and a genuinly nice guy and family man. If you are ever in the Washington D.C. area, stop in at his coffee shop call Murky Coffee, it is really really gooooooood.

The poeple surrounding his photo are at the reception for the competition, held at 3 cups in Chapell Hill, North Carolina, and they are all teasing him with the "I heart Nick Cho" button and the Barista Action Figure. He had not yet won the competion when I took their photos that night. In the upper center you can see Nic himself, just moments after his phenomenal performace, still in his silk shirt and tie, about 30 minutes before the official scores were anounced.

He ask me in a completely sincere and genuine manner "how did it look from out there?". I told him "Man, it was absolutly beautiful, and masterfully executed."
Friday, September 29, 2006

Here I can be seen battling my nemesis, Mothra, with my giant Ego towering over downtown Tokyo. Mothra is using his mind numbing powers to make the clock run out on me, but if I can just douse his delicate wing scales with scolding hot espresso, maybe I stand a chance for next year. Plus a little planning and some well timed practice won't hurt either. Must.... pay...attention...to....time....pick up.....pace....
Time to buff that portafilter.
Thursday, September 28, 2006
Shortly after my Humiliating Disqualification at the Southeastern Regional Barista Championship, I have launched my own blog to chronicle my rise to the top three next year. All that training and planning was not in vain, as I bring home a wealth of new experience. I am armed with amunition to beat my nemisis, the clock, no wait, that was Lem's nemisis. Let's see, my nemisis will be, well, I guess I'll have to take Mothra untill the Clock becomes available again. Lem did come in under time this year, so maybe the Clock has a slot just now openning up. Well see, but untill till then, Mothra, you better watch out!
Charting the long road back to South Eastern Regional Barista Championship, things about Coffee and Espresso, Mushrooms and Mycophilia, and maybe even the occasional Hand Made Guitar, bloggity blog blog, ca ca ca ca......

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