Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Even the independents are now feeling the squeeze of those crafty Megalacorporate chains. Demand has been created in the market for these name branded flavored coffees, so much so that if you want to stay in business and stay competitive you have to march in step.

Jay Caragay, of the famed Jay’s Shave Ice in Timonium, Maryland, has introduce a new flavor that is sure to appeal the greatest cross section of the coffee consuming public. Using his patent pending spice recipe and super secret cooking technique, he has managed to put his rib flavor into specialty coffee. I can’t believe he has caved into the pressure after maintaining such high standards for so long.

Apparently, even industry insiders are embracing the new marketing device. I overheard Cindy Chang, Barista Competition organizer and long time employee of Counter Culture Coffee, telling a co-worker that she even uses Jay’s new flavored coffee as dry rub before grilling meets. And I thought she was a vegetarian.

Legal disclaimer

Please don’t take this seriously, though it’s not that far from the real truth of the industry, and many thanks and apologies to Jay Caragay and Cindy Chang.

Oh, how many times I've been tempted by such temptations!

Love it!
Are you thinking of a little Au Jus for the USBC? Some reduced caramellized onions would ad a touch of sweetnes, and you could salt the rim with "Montreal Steak" seasoning.
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