Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Great Soy Challenge is on. Stockton, Graham & Co. are the official sponsors, and these will be the prizes.

1st place
1 Espresso 101 VHS tape
1 Espresso thermometer
1 Measured shot glass
1 Frothing spoon
1# Midnight Lotus Espresso
1 Stockton Graham & Co. Coffee mug
3 Stockton Graham & Co. Luggage tags
1 Cupping spoon
1 Coffee scoop

2nd Place
1# Midnight Lotus Espresso
1 Stockton Graham & Co. Coffee mug
3 Stockton Graham & Co. Luggage tags
1 Cupping spoon
1 Coffee scoop

These will be the Official rules.

1- Must be soy- open to any brand, we are, after all, trying to flush out the best brand and the proper steaming/frothing technique.

2- Must be free pour- the idea is to achieve free flowing, pourable, near mirofoam texture.
-Rosettas-Hearts-Shooting Hearts (the Bronwen style)-anything you can pour, so no etching. I don't have anything against etching, per se, but it is not conducive to the goal of finding good soy foam.

3-Size doesn't matter...really..... no I'm serious, I'm not just saying that to make you feel better. Even Machiattos, they are so cute.

4-Hot Cocoa counts

5-Pros and Home Enthusiasts are both eligible

EDITED 10-15-06

6-You may send in multiple entries

Entries must be sent gmail account that begins with my name, philproteau.

EDITED 10-15-06
Please include technical info-Brand of soy, amount of streching, final soy temperature, special pouring techniques (unless it is a secret).

The contest will run from now till November 24th, I reckon that is the day after Thanksgiving (that is an American Holiday that involves eating large amounts of turkey, potatos, and cranberry gelatin, followed by heavy drinking, and topped off with hearing about how much of a dissapointment you have been to your entire family, not be confused with Canadian Thanksgiving wich is on a different day, and has less gun play).

After that I will post the pics on the blog to count votes, which should be sent to the same email account.

I will not be participating in a competitive manner, and I have no personal or financial affiliation with the sponsoring company.

Good luck
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