Saturday, October 07, 2006

It's Soy, Baby!!

I have never had much luck with soy latte art. This is the first success I have had with it, so I hearby publicly pose the Soy Challenge. I am sure there must be some good stuff out there, I just have not see any posted though any of the usual outlets.

So here it is people, you got anything better, then bring it!

Submit it to philproteau(don't type this)@(same here)gmail.com, and I will be happy to crown the King and Queen of Soy. If you can take it to the hoop with Rice Milk, Egg Beaters, Non-dairy Powder, or Sour Cream, you can have your own special category too.

Any retailors who want to sponsor with the donation of a prize, you are welcome to contact me as well, but we do it for bragging rights, mostly (but material goods are never frowned upon).

Did anyone enter your contest?

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