Tuesday, October 17, 2006
  Matt Riddle
Matt Riddle
Matt Riddle,
originally uploaded by PeaberryPicker.
See my exciting and awe inspiring photos from the Barista Olympics. These were games held at Counter Culture Coffee the night before the South Eastern Regional Barista Championship. Matt Riddle, National chapion and designer for Intelligencia of Chigago, was the suprize guest. Also Daniel Humphries, Director of Coffee for Cafe Grumpy in Brookly (and now Manhattan too), was coicidentally in town for some scrumtious cuppings with Peter Gulliano.

There were trivia questions, gasket ring toss, a decaf taste test, guess how many beans, and a little chest beating as the boys tried out the LaMarzocco GB5.

I have been sitting on these photos for a little while now, so I figured I would go ahead and get a free Flickr account, and I hit my monthly limit on the first day. That's where they get you, now I'll have to pay to post the rest of my SERBC photos, or wait till next month. Dang.
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