Sunday, November 12, 2006
  My New Position at the Shop

My infectious enthusiasm, effervescent passion, and constant hunger for new information and techniques related to coffee and it's preparation have translated into recognition from the Boss man. I work part time at a coffee shop owned by someone who's main occupation as an investment banker keeps him at a arm's length from the day to day goings on of his retail venture. As a coffee enthusiast, he wants the shop to produce top quality, but he dosen't have the time or energy to be the one to spread the right attitude amoung the workers himself. Lucky for him I came along, attracted by the quality of the source beans they use, and a ever-present need to handle a portafilter and pull shots on commercial equipment. After six months on the job, working only Friday nights, I have had the position of "Director of Coffee Operations" (or some such or other title) created for me.

Among my new duties include Barista training of all new employees (and well as refresher training of veteran Baristas), creation and implementation of all coffee making and drink building standards for the shop, and customer education of all aspects of coffee from the donkey to the demi-tasse. I have a very clear vision of what I believe the shop could be doing, and a crystal clear path laid out to get it there. If any lesson of life stands out for me at this point, however, it is to be ready for any possible twists, turns, and forks in the road. This challenge I will meet with the zeal and fervor required to accomplish any idealogical objective.

For all you small batch roasters of fine coffees sourced from the best places and best farmers on the planet, keep an open ear for my order of small quantities of your exotic and delicious product. I will be featuring the top beans from the best roasters to suppliment our inventory, and to educate the local coffee drinking public. I hope to expand the exprerience of enough customers to raise the bar for other shops in the area, and raise the standards and expectations of the market.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to put a fresh blade in the hack saw, and bolt the grinder on to the work bench. Our portafilters have a little too much crotch.

P.S. I just put the photos up because I like to keep the blog visually stimulating.
Awesome. Kick some butt in your new role. :)
I can guarantee it.
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